White Kitchen Design

Many people like white color and many of them like to collect things which have white color. white is a neutral color. White denotes purity and sincerity. White also often becomes a symbol of kindness. White color is believed could make a room more spacious. At the picture above, we could see a kitchen design with a white color atmosphere. Almost all the color of the appliances, the paint of the wall and the backsplash in the kitchen are white.

The kitchen cabinet including its drawers and and cupboards are white. The kitchen island which is laid in the middle of the kitchen is also white. There are three chairs which are made from mahogany wood beside the kitchen island for the family members if they want to eat cereals in the morning. On the corner of the kitchen there is a dining table which has glass as its countertop.

The dining table has two chairs which have leather fabrics as its attractiveness. There are six pendant lamps above the kitchen island. The shape of the pendant lamps are like the shape of an egg. On one side of the kitchen, there are four big windows. These windows allow us to see beautiful view outside the house. It could freshen the atmosphere in the kitchen while we’re busy making meals.

The floor of the kitchen is made from mahogany wood. It has dark brown color which is like the color of the chairs and the dining table. The dark brown color itself is the only color which is combined with the white dominant color in the kitchen. So, if you are a white color lover, you can try this design for your kitchen.