Tile Style for Open Kitchen

An open kitchen is a perfect idea for you who have a nice outdoor swimming pool by woods. An open kitchen can easily help to cook some delicious meals after you and your friends or family have a great time of swimming. Then, design your outdoor kitchen to get along in harmony with the nature around you.

Clay stones or tiles are one of the most suitable materials for outdoor kitchen foundation, because tiles have a defense to extreme weathers. Use the tiles for the kitchen island in your outdoor kitchen. Set marble top for the tile kitchen island, and use the same color to it to make it looks simpler. For the floor, you can also use the same material as the table top; marble. The marbles have tis protection to unfriendly weather such winter or sun, so your open kitchen will look beautiful longer. The next important part to shield the weather outside is stainless kitchen stuff. Use a stainless stove and washstand to complete the kitchen tiles style. You can also use some wooden kitchen stuff for cooking.

The last touch for the kitchen is rattan chairs. You can put some rattan chairs next to the tiles kitchen table outside of the cooking area, it will look more like bar style kitchen. You can choose dark color such as black for the rattan chairs. Now the idea of open kitchen look simple and beautiful with the tiles and marbles touch and soft natural color of its.