Thanksgiving Table with Vintage Centerpiece Ideas

Are you looking for table decoration for your thanksgiving celebration? Thanksgiving is an awaited holiday moment for gathering with family or friends as the day to show the gratefulness. Thus, if you have a plan in designing your thanksgiving table with something unique and old fashioned as the centerpiece, thanksgiving table with vintage centerpiece ideas may answer your wish. You will get your family or guest by this wonderful centerpiece. You can bring them to the vintage style of decoration with warm and cozy atmosphere.

Vintage Thanksgiving Symbols To get vintage centerpiece in your thanksgiving celebration, you need to add the vintage stuffs. Avoid using too much colorful accent in your decoration. Instead, you may fulfill your dining room with some fascinating symbols of thanksgiving. For example, decorate your decoration with some antique pilgrims, Indians or turkeys. It will bring the vintage atmosphere of thanksgiving in your table. In addition, you can also make a twig wreath for sweet decoration. Take many flexible twigs to avoid them from breaking. Use long a cloth hanger wire and cut them into a circle shape. Cover them with the florist wire. Then start to wrap the twigs around the wire. After it is finished, patch them on the dining wall or a door.

Antique Combination In decorating the vintage centerpiece, notice the elements around the centerpiece for perfect combination. Consider to place antique dinner sets and candle holders. For the dishes, choose antique dishes and glassware. Display the white collection of dishes and candle holders to make them contrast with the dark brown table. Use the pumpkins as the candle holder to have fascinating look. Besides of the antique stuffs, make the arrangement of fruits and harvests. However, decorate some fruits, vegetables, flowers and candles around the vintage centerpieces will give seasonal and natural touch to the dinner table. Arrange some fruits like apples, pears, small pumpkins and nuts in a bowl or vintage jar.