Thanksgiving decoration with Construction Paper

The ideas of decorating thanksgiving dinner table are interesting to do. Having impressive and sophisticated decorations of course will make your thanksgiving celebration with your family and friends feel more enjoyable and unforgettable. However, decorating fun thanksgiving decoration is easy to do. You can prepare it by yourself by using simple materials with your own creativity touches. Thus, you can design it with some colorful construction papers to create beautiful thanksgiving crafts. You can involve your children to help you in decorating it. It will engage their creativity and excitement in decorating the dinner table for thanksgiving celebration.

A Thanksgiving Three Thanksgiving is always related to autumn or fallen season. Thus, you can obtain this theme in your thanksgiving dinner table. By using the construction papers, you can create many paper leaves and thanksgiving three. Use lovely colors of construction paper that match with autumn colors like red, yellow, green, and orange. Create a shape of maple leave for more natural mood. For another suggestion, you can also shape the paper with your child’s hand shape. Ask your children to put their hands on the paper and spread her finger widely and trace the template. Cut them and make one or two dozens of it with colorful autumn color. Arrange and glue some leaves or hand shape with glue stick on a pre cut tree.

Turkey Headbands Thanksgiving is always identical with turkeys for the main courses and crafts. Therefore, you can make turkey headbands for your children by using the paper constructions as the material. However, it is very easy to make it. First, cut the paper constructions in a long strip. Choose the brown color in order to match it with turkeys’ color. Make sure that the long strip fits around your child’s head. For proper length, seize the strip around your child’s head and tape it together at the proper length. Add some feathers in the back of the headband for the tail feathers.

Cut a brown circle of paper construction and glue it in front of the headband for the turkey’s head. Next, cut a diamond shape of an orange paper and fold it in the halfway for turkey’s beak. Make the eyes and a wobble with the red papers. The last, cut the brown paper for the wing and glue it in the side of the headband.