Splendid Window Seats with Comfortable Designs

Adding window seat in your home can make a special spot for you. You can do many activities on window seat such as reading books, playing games, or just daydreaming while watching the outside scenery. This article will inform you with some outstanding window seat designs.

Have look at this stunning room design. The contemporary living room is dominated with white tone on its floor and wall. In the center area, you can see a big sofa set with linen material. The sofa has elegant maroon tone. In front of the sofa, there is a small acrylic table with vase decoration. In the left part of the picture, there is a cozy window seat design. The seat looks so comfortable with its thick upholstery. This stunning seat is also decorated with some colorful throw pillows. Next to the seat, there are two windows with stripes pattern valance.

Moving on to the next design, we have another brilliant window seat.The seat in the picture has lovely maroon tone. This seat is upholstered with chenille fabric which is so smooth and warm. On the seat, there are also two adorable green pillows to make you more comfortable. In the corner, this nook is featured with small shelves. These shelvesare so functional to store your favorite books after reading on the window seat. The seat is attached with the big window. The window has such amazing wooden frame painted with white tone. Overall, this alluring window seat decoration will make you enjoy your activities for hours.

The luxurious room in the third illustration has wonderful window seat. The window seat uses long cushion sofa with admirable cream tone. The long shape of the sofa can let your friends to enjoy some good times in this sofa. Next to it, there is a stylish wooden round table which has marvelous brown finishing.