Small Kitchen Design

Are you not rich enough and do not have a commodious room for your kitchen? But do you want to make your small kitchen room become more attractive. Here are some ways how to make it happen. Let us see the above picture and apply the design to our kitchen. The above kitchen design is very simple. There are not many kitchen furniture in the kitchen room.

There is no kitchen island, no stool, no dining table, no pendant lamp, no chandelier, no refrigerator and no microwave. There are only the basic and the most important kitchen appliances inside the kitchen. There are the kitchen cabinet such as the kitchen cupboards and drawers, stove, and washbasin. Let us move to the color choice of the kitchen. This kitchen design has brown and white colors for its kitchen cabinet. The upper kitchen cupboard are brown. But there are two cupboards which have the different design with the other, and they are become the center of the people attention when they are being seen.

They have white color for the cupboard but they have brown flowers as the motif and pattern. Then the kitchen backsplash behind the stove and the washbasin is made from stainless steel. The using of stainless steel here could make the kitchen backsplash be more easier to be cleaned. We have been reviewed the above kitchen design. and we could see that a simple kitchen design does not always have uninteresting looks. Now , it is your time to be more creative to create your own kitchen.