Planning Design a Galley Kitchen with Favorite Color and Style

Do you need an inspiration for your kitchen design? Designing kitchen sometimes is not as easy as people think. A factor that may become a problem in designing a kitchen is the small size or space of the kitchen. If you have this problem, a small galley kitchen will be a good choice for your consideration to design your kitchen. A galley kitchen is a kitchen in a straight and long narrow room. There is only an entry in this kitchen design.

This design is very efficient and functional since it doesn’t need a large space in your room. You can call for a help from your kitchen designer or kitchen manufacturer to measure and get the right size for the cabinet. Planning the design In designing a galley kitchen, first step that you need to do is measuring the space in your kitchen. This measurement is important for you to do to consider the right cabinets which fit with your kitchen size.

Usually, a small galley kitchen uses the cabinets on the both side of the kitchen. If it is possible, you can decorate your galley kitchen with U shape if you have more available space. After taking the measurement, draw a sketch in a paper for your kitchen plan and discuss it to a cabinet manufacturer Designing the kitchen After finishing the measurement, the thing that you can do is to choose the style of the kitchen cabinet, the appliances and the layout of your kitchen.

Choose your favorite color and style of the cabinet according to your personal taste. For the style, you can choose the traditional, modern, or country style depends on your favor. The last, choose the kitchen appliances, countertops, and backsplashes that will create a great combination for your kitchen design. The right combination between those elements will make your kitchen look stylish.