Outstanding Light Decorations to Beautify Bathroom Interior

Many people pay no attention to their bathroom lighting. However, bathroom deserves proper lighting decoration. Bathroom as a place to relax and refresh, requires extra thought. The lighting is important so we can see what we are doing while take a bath, showering, or shaving. The second function of bathroom light is to beautify the room design. In this article, you will find several bathroom lights that give nice decoration to bathroom design. Let’s have a look at them.

Check out this modern bathroom in the figure below. The bathroom dominated with black wall treatment looks so elegant. The floating vanity gains its beauty from the green countertop and floating design. On the wall, a big mirror is installed. There are two sources of light in this stunning bathroom. The first one is the neon lamp attached on the upper side of the mirror. The white light provides by the neon gives bright exposure to make things like shaving or tooth brushing easier. The second lighting source can be found in the stand lamp in the corner of the room. The stand lamp is functioned to lighten the bathtub. The stand lamp has marvelous design with white tone on its cover.

Let’s move to another bathroom with stunning light decoration. In the next picture here, we have an Italian bathroom style. The oval bathtub with marble mantle becomes the main attraction of this bathroom. On the right side of thebathtub, we can see a wooden vanity with rustic style. Above the vanity, there is a long rectangular mirror with aesthetic wooden frame. In the upper side of this mirror, there are some light bulbs prettify the mirror. These bulbs provide such relaxing yellow lights. On the ceiling, the mini chandelier also becomes great source of light for this astonishing bathroom.