Natural Looking Swimming Pool Designs with Waterfalls and Round Rock

Who would refuse a waterfall for an exciting swimming pool? These outdoor pools are not only exciting, but also natural looking. They build up their waterfalls from the stones and sometimes greenery. Are you ready to invite your friends and spend your entire summer swimming?

Kids will love these swimming pool garniture-involving waterfalls. On the corner of the blue swimming pool, a collection of dark brown stones are mounted into one, creating a stairway on one side and a slide on the other side. The water splutter from the peak of the stone hill and down to the terracing stones and finally back to the pool. There is another one similar design of such stone slide. However, this one is constructed over light tone cobbles. There is also quite a large nook underneath the waterfall for your kids to play cave.

Is your garden located right across the pool? There is a visualization shows how you can build a waterfall from a small mountain of large rocks with the dense of vegetation of your garden over the design. Let the waterfall from the top of the mountain, wetting the rocks layer by layer before finally back to the pool.

A winsome house has a segmental swimming pool, with a stack of red rocks embracing the entire side of the pool, creating a wall before a lawn atop a raised lawn adorned with flowery bushes. There are two waterfall depositing water like giant faucets. The redness of the rocks mingles just well with the stone paving surrounding the refreshing blue of the water.

Do you not feel enough with just a spray of water? Have a real fun with a huge structure of white rocks. An abundant of water stream down from the top of the display, creating jovial ripples of water like a natural screen.