Modern Industrial House Design for Stylish Interior

We can say that modern design is one of the most popular interior design for nowadays house. In modern house design, there are various styles that can be applied in order to get stylish home interior. One of the modern styles that are worth to be decorated is industrial house design. However, the modern industrial house design offers the awesome architecture in industry touch which is characterized with industrial color, shape and texture. If you intend to decorate your room in an industrial design, you can read and see some amazing industrial house designs in this article for your references.

The visualization of the modern industrial house design looks awesome with large space room yet in simple decoration. The industrial touches are presented from the brick walls and the construction of the roof or ceiling. The brick walls are completed with some glass windows as the space for natural daylight entering to the room. For the ceiling, it is constructed by steel frames in high top construction for more spacious effect. In addition, loft construction also makes the room appears efficient and modern. For the lighting, the design use pendant lamp and grey hard wooden material for the flooring plans.

Let’s take a look to the other design. This design looks stylish and modern with its simple wall and roof decoration. To give pleasant and industrial atmosphere, the wall is built by white brick walls which are combined with white paint wall for spacious appearance. In addition, the roof is also presented in industrial style with the presence of pipes and modern ceiling lamp. For better and efficient lighting in the daylight, the room presents large glass windows with grey curtain so the daylights freely come into the room. The last, the floor is designed with hard wooden material for warm and comfortable atmosphere.