Mid Century Living Room for Warm Contemporary Atmosphere

Living room is a place where you can relax and gather with your big family and friend. Many people are interested in having mid century living room as the warm and contemporary atmosphere of this living room will provide enjoyable time for them. Mid century living room offer a casual living space in your house to spending time or playing game with your family. This design will bring you to vintage mood and warm atmosphere. To get the mid century living room design, consider the furniture like a comfortable sofa, decorative table and vintage focal point. If you intend to get the mid century living room in your interior, this article certainly will help you to decorate it by yourself.

The visualization of this century living room is so classic and vintage. It can be seen on the sofas and the other furnishing. The black leather sofa gives classic and vintage look that will bring the guest throw back to mid century atmosphere. The rustic wooden coffee table is decorated at the center area of the room together with yellow traditional rug in flower ornament pattern. Besides the table, there is an armchair in contrasting color with the table and sofa. A modern fireplace becomes the focal point of the room. In addition, the wooden living room cabinets provide storages for some stuff. On the wall, you can see a beautiful painting that gives additional artistic and mid century touch to the living room.

Let’s take a look to another design of mid century living room. This mid century living room has simple design combined with contemporary design. The presence of grey tuxedo sofa provides comfortable and contemporary style of seating place for the guests. A small table with round glass on the top looks so stylish and vintage. For accessories, there is a modern fur rug which is chosen in the same tone with the sofa. For additional contemporary touch, the wall and flooring use hardwood materials in order to get rustic and contemporary looks of mid century living room. In addition, LCD TV is placed in a living room cabinet used to entertain the guest.