Luminous Open Kitchen Design for Five Stars Restaurant

A luxurious five stars restaurant must have a great kitchen to cook the best meal for its customers. A wonderful open kitchen may be one of the great ideas for your restaurant. The dinner guests can see the process of making their dinnerand the action of the cooks who make prestigious foods.

A bright kitchen can improve the taste of eating, so then create a luminous kitchen to spoil the customers of a great experience of eating. Combination of metallic stainless furniture such as the kitchen island and the kitchen cabinet with the beautiful light will reflect the luminous from some humble pendant lamps. The marble floor will reflect the shine from the light of the lamps.

Use the marble stuff to be combined with the stainless kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, and the ovens. To balance the luminous kitchen, use the black color for the roof of ventilation which will suck up the pollution from the cooking process. The ventilation for cooking process is very important for the health of the cooks and the customers, and also to keep the clean of the kitchen.

Wooden dining table and carved wall shall improve the artistic aspect in the kitchen. Light brown color is very suitable for its, to accompany the bright light from the lamps. To make this glorious kitchen looks sweeter, give a little touch of flowers in every corner in the kitchen. Now you ready to have a wonderful kitchen with a luminous view and of course for more customers.