Lovely and Comfortable Room Colors for Bedrooms

Picking paint color schemes are the important thing to consider in creating lovely and comfortable moods in a bedroom. When selecting a paint color scheme for your bedroom, you should consider the feeling that you want to display in the room. There are so many color schemes that you can apply in your room to give impressive and sophisticated moods. Yet, if you feel confuse and have no idea how to decorate room color for bedrooms, this article will provides you with some amazing room colors of bedroom.

The visualization of this colorful bedroom has stunning and sophisticated decoration. The dominant ocean blue paint color combined with the white color displayed in this bedroom gives calm and elegant moods to the decoration. The king size divan bed in white bed spread looks so comfortable together with blue pillows and bed cover. Behind the bed, you can see the presence of ribbon trim curtains in ornamental detail that matches with the bed cover details. The ribbon trim white curtains with blue lines also applied in the windows beautify the decoration. Besides the sofa, there is a nightstand in a solid wooden white color together with a table lamp in the same tone with the wall. For the additional furniture, there are white wardrobes and also a beautiful chair in the same motifs with the curtain.

Let’s take a look to the different room colors’ concept. This concept prefers to display violets scheme in the entire of room space. The appearance of the room looks simple with little furniture. Yet, the whole room looks stunning with the perfect color combination of the wallpaper and bed. For the bed, the divan bed applied in white and purple color schemes to provide space saving solution for the room. Besides the bed, you can see the presence of nightstand and a decorative flowers vase which beautify the decoration. For additional accessories, a modern purple fur rug is displayed in the wooden floor. For the wall, it is painted in violet scheme with floral printed and strip wallpaper for beautiful decorative accent.