The Installation Wood Ceiling Panels and Planks Ideas for Living Room

Choosing wood ceiling for your home can bring many benefits. First, wood is considerably cheap material and easy to install. The second reason is that wood comes in variety and easy to get. The last reason is that the wood ceiling can brings warm as well as inviting nuance to a room interior. This article will show you some stunning wooden ceiling designs that will make you inspired in building one for your own. See the impressive application below.

Let’s begin with this awesome country style house. The construction of the wood ceiling in this room is pretty amazing. The ceiling combines plank and tile wood material. The upper side is covered with wooden tiles which are easier to install. Wood planks are used to give strength to the construction of this ceiling. Either the planks or the wood tiles are finished with such meticulous craftsmanship to build smooth surface. The wood tiles have dazzling grain which looks so natural. The wood ceiling makes harmonious combination with the timber wall. These items boost the country style of this awesome home. A mini chandelier is placed in the center of to prettify the ceiling decoration.

Jump to the next image, we have a home with cottage style. The wood panels become the main material for the ceiling. Veneer wood is chosen to create amazing wood grain pattern. Those panels are organized nicely to make dense wood ceiling in this room. To strengthen the construction, some big wood logs are installed. In the picture, the wood ceiling looks totally awesome. It makes the room looks warm and comfortable. Combined with the wooden floor, this room has cozy atmosphere.

In the last image, big wood beams are used to decorate the ceiling. The beams are installed on white concrete ceiling. The presence of these beams gives traditional as well as natural touch to the room interior.