Inspiring Pink Purple Girls Room Ideas for Cute and Enjoyable Bedroom

Bedroom is a room in the house interior that people use to enjoy their time for sleeping or taking a rest. Thus, having an enjoyable and beautiful decoration in the bedroom is a requirement so the bedroom shouldn’t bore you with monotones atmosphere. Planning a great decoration scheme will provides enjoyable and relaxing mood in the room. For girls, they tend to choose the girly color schemes like pink and purple. Pink and purple are inspiring color schemes that are usually adored by a girl because they offer cute and calm atmosphere in the bedroom. However, if you intend to display those color schemes in girls room ideas, you need to take a look some inspiring pink purple girl room ideas in this article!

The visualization of the room looks amazing and fancy with purple and pink dominant color scheme in the wall and decoration. The wall is painted in purple scheme to bring calm atmosphere in the room. For the bedding, the pink and white bedding set is decorated in the room to give girly accent to the decoration. The bedding looks fancy with pink rug and pinky round side table besides the bed. For the lighting, the pinky floor lamp brings stylish and girly appearances to the room. In addition, the furniture like a wardrobe, book shelves and a computer desk are presented in the attractive and sophisticated design.

Let’s move to the other concept of pink purple girl room ideas. In this design, the wall is painted in purple with a beautiful white and pink bedding set. Besides the bed, you can see the presence of pink nightstand table combined with pinky table lamp for lighting. For additional visual interest, the heart shape rug and wall ornaments make the room appears cute and romantic. In the other corner of the room, the computer desk is also placed in pinky scheme.