Ideas for Rugs in Living Room

Some people often do not understand the different between rugs and carpet. If they do not know what they are, it will be difficult to find out the effective function of both of them. Before we discuss some ideas of rugs for living room, It is better to know what are the different between rugs and carpet. Commonly, the two words carpets and rugs are used interchangeably. Both are floor coverings with the only difference in size. Rugs are smaller than carpets.  Rugs do not usually exceed the length of 2m (6.5ft). They usually have multiple uses. They may be used as centerpiece flooring, or hung on wall. They may be used as foot rugs sofa or bed throws or as table decoration. They usually have an artistic touch in terms of patterns, shape and color. They may be as per the themes for a kid’s room, prayer rugs, for a lounge for a dressing room etc.

Rugs have so many purposes. They can be used as wall decoration, on table tops and sofas or to give an accent to the flooring. Tufted and felt wool rugs are also used in the same manner. Shagged rugs are more commonly used as bed or sofa throws or corner foot rugs. It is important in choosing the best area rug for a certain space. You should figure out the right shape and size for an area rug that can differ with each room in your home. Here, we will provide you with some tips how decorate your room with rugs.

If you prefer the rug be placed in front of the couch, it should run the same width than the couch. For a more interesting look, you should try placing the rug at an angle. It should anchor the room but not overpower or underwhelm. Rug should be used as the focal point in a room. Depending on your preference, she suggests a rug that will provide space enough for the furniture to sit on top. A large bathroom is the perfect place to fit a round rug. It’s also a good place to experiment with colors, textures and patterns. A small rug can make the room look larger. But if you plan to place furniture on it, avoid covering up the design, do not medallions in the center, if you want to be able to see the design from all angles. In the dining room, it is better to center the furniture over the rug and to choose a rug that fits the shape of the table. If you have a round table, place a round area rug underneath. The round shape in a square room can help soften the space.