Great Room Interior Design Ideas

This time of the year, we hear from just about every sector of the economy what’s expected to be popular in the coming year. Each year, there are so many new and great room interior designs. It is good for you to know, what design that are appropriate for your home. In real estate, however, trends typically come slowly, often well after they appear in commercial spaces and fashion. And though they may entice buyers and sellers, remind them that trends are just that a change in direction that may captivate, go mainstream, then disappear (though some will gain momentum and remain as classics).

Which way they’ll go is hard to predict, but here some of great deisgn experts expect to draw great appeal. The first one is coral shades. A blast of a new color is often the easiest change for sellers to make, offering the biggest bang for their buck.  Coral Reef is 2015’s color of the year because it reflects the country’s optimism about the future. The brighter outlook is a symbol of freedom. It is more youthful, yet still sophisticated. It is good to use it outside or on an accent wall. Pair it with crisp white, gray, or similar saturations of lilac, green, and violet.

The second one is open spaces go mainstream. An open floor plan may feel like old hat, but it’s becoming a wish beyond the young hipster demographic, so you’ll increasingly see this layout in traditional condo buildings and single-family suburban homes in 2015. It is recommend going a step further and adding windows to better meld indoors and outdoors. The next one is Off-the-shelf plans. A freestanding tub is one of these kinds of design. Freestanding tubs may conjure images of Victorian-era opulence. These tubs complement other bathroom trends: open wall niches and single wash basins, since two people rarely use the room simultaneously. Besides that is Quartzite. While granite still appeals, quartzite is becoming the new hot contender, thanks to its reputation as a natural stone that’s virtually indestructible. It also more closely resembles the most luxe classic—marble—without the drawbacks of staining easily.

Quartzite is moving ahead of last year’s favorite, quartz, which is also tough but is manmade. The other one is porcelain floors. If you’re going to go with imitation wood, porcelain will be your 2015 go-to. It’s less expensive and wears as well as or better than the real thing. Porcelain can be found in traditional small tiles or long, linear planks. It’s also available in numerous colors and textures, including popular one-color combos with slight variations for a hint of differentiation. Good places to use this material are high-traffic rooms, hallways, and areas exposed to moisture. There are so many kinds of these ideas that can be applied, such as storage, grander garage, saloon style walls, luxury and soon.