Functional and Alluring Bathroom Storage Ideas

Today we are back to review about bathroom decoration. How important is bathroom storage for you? Bathroom storage always present in some well-designed bathroom. It is because you need storage units to store your bathing stuff such as shampoos, soaps, or towels. The presence of bathroom storage can also be a decorating item to enhance the allure of a bathroom design. Therefore, we want to review some fascinating bathroom storages in this article one by one.

The first design we have here looks so simple. This small cabinet has such minimalist style in its design. Made from solid wood, this cubical storage is so alluring. The white finishing strengthens the simple look of this cabinet. On its top, the dark blue tone makes decorative accents that enhance the style of this cool cabinet. The small shape of this cabinet gives the bathroom in the picture more spaces. This bathroom cabinet looks perfectly placed in the corner of the room. Combined with the white toilet and sink vanity, this cabinet contributes to the lovely white tone furnishings of this bathroom.

Let’s have a look at another bathroom storage model in the second illustration. The huge shelving is installed in the bathroom in the picture. The entire bathroom shelves are made from full solid wood. The white tone has chosen to liven up the style of this bathroom shelving. This shelving looks very functional. The lower section of the bathroom shelving in the picture is used as soap and shampoo storage. In its middle part, the bathroom shelving is functioned as towel containers. In the top part, the bathroom shelving is decorated with some lovely flower pots. In the application, these shelves dominate the left side of the wall. The white tone of these alluring bathroom shelves looks harmonious with the white shower room’s curtain just beside them.