Fetching Painting Ideas for Master Bedrooms Decoration

Let’s play color in our bedrooms! What is your favorite color? What about letting it in into the design? Colors bring forth the excitement in the room. They also help build up personalities for your bedrooms.

This chic wooden bedroom for teenage girls applies the regal lavender color for the wall surface. It becomes the most fitting background color for the light tone vintage bedroom appliance such as the single bed and the three drawer nightstands as well as the albino peacock wall decoration.

A modern and luxurious bedroom, carrying white bedroom with tufted headboard in the companion of highly futuristic night table carrying nightly readings, has a midnight blue wall in addition to the blue rich pattern curtains and the stripes white and blue folding shade. The color of the wall help choose the color palette of the bedding, which contains a blue warm and velvety bed cover and white pillow sheaths with thin blue rims.

A very warm and barren small bedroom features a corner platform bed with tall headboard. The beige colored wall becomes the best background for the golden leaf tree wall decoration, the dark tone wooden two drawer nightstands, and the orange hue of the bedroom appliances.

A highly modern bedroom featuring white and purple bedroom appliances covers the wall in the background with intelligent gray, which also carries a large wall decoration over the headboard; while the other wall is left in white, becoming the matching tone with the shade of the furniture. The white and gray wall creates a stupendous combination for the dark tone ashen wooden floor.

A chic alcove bedroom for a teenage girl, having cream accessories, covers the entire wall surface under polka dot wallpaper of white and emerald; just as emerald as the floor. The dimness of the room provides a perfect lighting so the tone of the wall can mingle well with white shabby bedroom appliances.