Eastern Luxury Bedroom for Stunning Decoration

Do you dream to have eastern luxury accent in your home decoration? Eastern luxury designs offer you the beautiful east atmosphere. However, Eastern home designs are popular with their luxury bedding for the bed room. The design offers you premium design and it is suitable with you who love classy and elegant design. If you have a plan in decorating your bedroom with an eastern luxury design, this article will provide you with some luxury eastern designs that make you amaze with the design and decoration.

The visualization of the bed room in this design certainly will bring you to a prestigious bedding style with classy and modern style. The king size spring bed with Arabian ornamental bed cover and some colorful decorative cushions in eastern motifs look so comfortable and give eastern mood in the bedroom. Behind the sofa, you can see ornamental Arabian wooden background as the focal point of the room with white curtains that beautify the room. In front of the room, you can see bed storage bench in white scheme as the additional furniture. Next to the bed set, there are beautiful Arabian nightstands and also a work desk in the other sides. For flooring, the eastern Arabian mosaic accents of rug offer eastern lively and sophisticated moods.

Let’s move to the other eastern luxury design. The design is very gorgeous with canopy bed covered with white curtains. The ornamental bedcover with decorative pillows and cushions presence the comfortable and classy looks to the room. Besides the bed set, you can see stylish wooden nightstands which is accessorized beautiful square table lamps and also flower ornament. For the additional furniture, a single sofa in the white color also decorates besides the side table. For eastern accent, white bed bench is set in front of the bed together with large brown rug area. In addition, you can see two big pots in the room which create natural and fresh looks in the room.