Dining Room Design Gallery

Smart design ideas can make your dining room a merry place for entertaining family and friends and the perfect accompaniment to great food and conversation. Whether your style is traditional or modern, country or eclectic, we have design inspiration to make your dining room feel perfectly you. We also will help you to find your perfect dining chairs and table too.

The first design is that you need to keep it casual. Make your dining space less formal. More often than not, dining is a casual affair in today’s homes. How can you make your dining area and furnishings match your lifestyle? We’ve rounded up some simple ideas to create a gathering space that feels less formal and more comfortable, inviting, and relaxed.

The first thing that you should do is choosing a round table. Fix your space with a large, round table that has plenty of room for everyone to gather around and enjoy the conversation. Thanks to their shape, round tables invite intimacy and allow you to hear the conversation no matter where you are sitting.

You also can mix and match chairs. Much like having a diverse group of friends and loved ones at your table, mixing and matching your chairs can give your dining area personality and individuality. The lack of uniform seating means everyone can choose a chair where they are comfortable, and it breaks up the succession and monotony of pieces that are exactly alike.

Multiple tables also can be chosen as one of the choices. Consider multiple tables to break up the traditional expanse of one long, formal table. Creating smaller groups of four to six people per table allows everyone to converse with one another and to pass food items with ease. Plus, it creates a cozy atmosphere for sharing special times.

Try to liven up the decoration. Lively decor and bright colors, whether seen in paint schemes or in furnishings can set a casual, laidback feel in any room of the home. Here, a modern light fixture, vivid mix-and-match chairs, and an exhilarating red accent wall all add to the jovial look that is far from stuffy. Adding a bench to your dining table is an alternative to mix-and-match chairs, offering the same comfortable feel and easygoing style that comes from pairing different seating options. What’s more, a built-in bench, like the one shown on this banquette seating area, or a freestanding version, may be able to accommodate more people than individual chairs.

It is good to choose an open floor plan. Blending your living and dining areas is another way to create an informal space for mealtime. Most living rooms and dens have a natural, relaxed feel all their own, and an open floor plan can allow this look to carry over to the dining space. In this home, the table has a clear view of both the couch and the television, meaning you can converse with family members who are in the den or watch a sporting event while snacking.

Rather than keep it away, it is good to make the space multifunction. Incorporate an entertainment area—such as the built-in television shown in this space—into your dining room and you’re sure to take the formality down a notch. Friends and family can cheer on their favorite sports team, watch a movie, or catch up on their sitcoms in this multiuse area. Other features, including the round table and opens floor plan (which leads into the kitchen), add to the casual vibe.