Decorative Wall Roof Designs for Perfect Interior

Roof is one of the most important parts in decoration since it is useful to protect the house from the change of weather and climate. Besides its function, the roof also takes part in creating beautiful home interior if we design it in decorative and creative design. The roof can be designed in various types and styles. You can choose it according to your personal taste and some important considerations like its durability and the appearance that we want to display. Nowadays, the wall roof becomes one of the most popular roof designs in decorating a house since it offers modern and elegant style.

However, if you want to decorate your wall and roof in amazing design, you can see some designs in this article that is useful for creating amazing design. This picture shows amazing white wall roof design which makes the room appears sophisticated. You can see the awesome roof design in the bedroom with beautiful wallpaper displayed at the ceiling. The wall roof is designed in high roof construction to make the room appear larger. For the wall, there are wall storages to minimize the furniture and room space together with small glass windows to let the natural daylight comes into.

In addition, the design looks stylish with a large bed area combined with a large grey bedding set. As well as the bedding set, the floor is also set in the same tone with natural tiles floor materials. Let’s move to the other wall roof concept in the living room. This wall roof concept looks elegant with the round shape ceiling which is combined with led lightings. The ceiling is painted in the white and light yellow paint scheme as well as the wall. For the wall, the wall displays wooden wall with a LCD TV and wall shelves on it.

Besides, you can see the laminating hard wooden floor for flooring plans that looks awesome with round circle pattern at the center of the room. The room is also completed with glass windows decorated with transparent curtain on it to let the natural daylight comes into the room.