Decorating Bedroom Ideas for Guys

Guys and girls are different style and theme in a home design. They have different style of color and also theme in decorating their room, especially for the bedroom. The comfortable decoration is the most important thing to consider in designing a room for guys. However, they tend to love something simple but elegant. Besides, color selection also important to maintain the mood of the room. If you intend to decorate a room for guys, you can see some pictures in this article as your references in decorating the bedroom decoration. The visualization of the design is simple yet interesting without many furnishings displayed in the decoration.

The wooden bed frame is displayed in medium size to minimize the use of floor amount since the room is small. The bed looks so comfortable with cool white bed linen and pillows with cool details. Besides the bed, you can see the presence of nightstands with some storage in dark brown finishing. In addition, you can see the small cabinets or sideboard and the chest drawers in the same tone of the nightstands and the bed. On the wall, there are two white wall lamps that suspended on the wall to get stylish lighting decoration.

Besides, a square mirror is suspended on the wall for more spacious appearance. For flooring, the light brown carpet is combined with black rug. Let’s move to the other concept of bedroom for guys. Overall, the design looks elegant and simple. This design is decorated with stylish metal bedroom frame. The bed linen and the various decorative pillows are displayed in brown color, black and white. Besides the bed, the wooden nightstand is presented in the same material and tone of the walnut cabinets.

For lighting, Moderns lamps are suspended in the wall together with floor lamps and table lamps for complementary lighting. As the seating place, the soft modern rug is decorated at the center of the room. The round mirror also presented in the wall in the same frame tone.