How to Decorate Your Room for Boys in Amazing Decoration

Are you looking for a boy bedroom decorating ideas for your grown boys? However, decorate a room for boy is a simple thing to do. First, you should think about the details and also color schemes that suit with the boy. In picking the color, try to consider these tips. Use 60 percent for dominated color, 30 percent for secondary color, and accent color for remain. Besides, you also need to add some interesting and fun decorations that your boys may like them so they will not feel stuck in a boring bed room decoration. Thus, this article will show you some interesting room ideas for your boys that you can use as the references in decorating their room by yourself.

Overall, the visualization of the boy room looks so gorgeous and stylish. The natural blue and white colors in the design give calming mood for the interior. The trundle bed is decorated on the corner of the room combined with stunning sky background behind. The wooden wall shelves and book shelve are placed on the wall as a place to organize the books and other school stuff. In the other corner of the room, the presence of study desk with a task lamp on it looks so fun and enjoyable for them to study. Besides, the red chair gives another color accent to the room. The round soft rug is also placed at the center of the room for an additional visual interest.

Let’s move to the other room for boy’s concept. This room displays football themes that mostly become the boy’s favorites. The blue and white color schemes still become the favorite in this design. The trundle bed looks so impressive with some decorative football accents of blue spread and the pillows. Besides the bed, you can see the other furniture like nightstand with storage underneath and also the wardrobe with football printed accent that provides fun visualization. In the corner of the room, the study desk looks cozy so they feel comfortable when studying or browsing the internet in this desk. For additional visual interest, a jersey and also grey soft rug are presented in the room to create fun atmosphere.