Creative Room Divider for Stunning Room Interior Design

Room arrangement and organization is also an important stuff in our home interior design. It can manage your space room and furniture unit. One of the furniture units that can build a different look for your interior design is the application of creative room divider. Basically, for room divider we can not only use wall but also something else like curtain or free standing shelving idea.

Take a look at several creative room dividers that can contribute to create stunning room interior design. Picture number one has stunning room divider which use reclaimed room divider. It made of wooden material and createe nice wooden material unity with the flooring idea. In front of the room divider, we can see a comfortable brown sectional sleeper sofa that completed with some cream and brown cushions.

Picture number two has very simple room divider that also functioned as the wall decoration. It made of brown wooden material and fused perfectly with the white wall. The white tiles are used as the flooring idea. Just beside the room divider, there is a nice window treatment which employed red venetian blind as the window treatment. There is also a simple square wooden table with some cutlery sets on it. The table completed with a nice white high back chair. Over the table, there is a simple pendant lamp that covered with white lampshade. There is also a pot with a small tree on it that present to build nature image.

The last picture employs creative free standing shelving idea as the room divider. The freestanding shelves idea has nice white color and fuse perfectly with the white tiles as the flooring idea. It also can be used to place many things like books. The application of huge windows builds a great bright image for the room. The window treatment employs white valance curtains.