Cool Concept Living Room Design for Family Gathering

Living room is a place for family gathering and a place where your guest can sit down and talk with interesting topic. Thus, living room should be decorated as comfortable as can be. The choice of color schemes, sofas and other furniture should be decided properly to get cool living room design. If you want to have cool living room ideas in your house, you can see some cool living room designs in this article that you can use as a reference to decorate your living room. It will help you decide the style of decoration also the furnishing displayed in the room.

This design looks so cool with rich accents and stylish design. The design shows more modern design with brown leather sectional sofas together with two armchairs chosen in the same tone with the sectional sofa. In addition, a square wooden coffee table is decorated at the center area of this room with a comfortable rug. The end table which is presented beside the sofa looks suitable with the coffee table. In front of the living room, there is a LCD TV with large cabinets as the storage for some stuff.

For the lighting, the unique lamp is suspended on the ceiling and the floor lamps for complementary lighting. For the layout, the wall and floor are decorated by wooden material to get natural and contemporary moods. Let’s see to another cool concept of living room. This design looks so classy with white schemes in mostly entire of the room. However, this white scheme brings more spacious effect to the small room. The loveseat sofa and also the white soft rug present comfortable living room for someone who sits in this room.

At the center of the room, a coffee table with glass on its top looks beautiful with flower vase on it. In front of the room, you can see the presence LCD TV on the top of the living room cabinets for entertainment. The vase and plant pot is decorated for fresh and natural touches of the room.