Cool Bedroom Ideas for guys with Custom Bed and Wall

Designing a room for a guy of course has differences compared by decorating a room for a girl. When you are about to decorate a room for a guy, you should notice and present the simple decoration with masculine touch in the decoration. The bed and color scheme should display his personality and style of man. If you look for cool bedroom design for guys, this article will provide you some cool design that will amaze you.
This design looks so masculine with black and white color scheme in its decoration.

For the bed, the platform bed in king size bed with wooden bed frame looks so comfortable with black and white accent on the bed linen. Besides the bed, the wooden nightstand is decorated with a stylish table lamp. In addition, soft rug is decorated at the center of the room for comfortable design appearance. For additional furniture, a small wooden chest drawers and a mirror is decorated on the wall.

The lighting of the room is decorated by stylish floor lamps to add a stylish lighting to the room Let’s move to the other cool bedroom design for guys.The design looks so stunning with blue accent on its bed linen. The bed is chosen in king size bed with metal bed that looks stylish and comfortable. Beside the bed, you can see two nightstands which are decorated with some pictures and vases. A round soft rug is placed on the wooden floor in the next to the bed which is used as the additional visual interest. For additional furniture, wooden display shelves are placed next to the window. The window also beautifies with a sheer curtain and the wall is decorated with picture for visual interest.