Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Custom Kitchen Backsplash Images

Are you a simple person? Usually people like to design their home in accordance with their personality. Nowadays contemporary kitchen design becomes the most favorite design for their kitchen. Because contemporary kitchen design suits well with the now generation especially the young generation who live in the city. Now look at this kitchen design, it is such a simple kitchen design isn’t it?

Blue lover will love this kitchen design so much. Why ? Well as you can see, blue is the most dominant color in this kitchen design, followed by white. There is a unique thing in this design. Can you guess it? Yeah, almost all the shape of the furniture are cubical. From the kitchen cabinet design, we could see a unique thing there. Eventhough the kitchen cupboards have the same shape and color but their size are different.

There is a washbasin on the kitchen cabinet but the uncommon thing here is the color of the faucet is light blue, compatible with the kitchen cabinet color. Almost all the entire kitchen wall is white. Only the kitchen backsplash which has blue and white pattern. These patterns are made from ceramic tile. Then the most unique thing in this kitchen is the big lamp above the kitchen island. It is not a chandelier nor pendant lamp. The lamp also has cubical shape like the other furniture in the kitchen. Indirectly the cubical shape from the furnitures give brief, simple and wide space for the kitchen itself.