Contemporary Hanging Fireplace Ideas with Minimalist Chimney

Let’s talk about fireplace anymore! Fireplace in quite important in West Country home. It is needed to do home insulation in order to conduct heat in cold atmosphere. By having fireplace, indoor or outdoor, your home will have calm and warm situation that supports exciting chatting session. There are many types of fireplace design such like mid century, traditional, modern, and minimalist. Each fireplace design has its own characteristic so you can choose which design that suitable with your taste and entire home design.

You cannot put traditional fireplace in contemporary home design since there will be much gap between room’s design. Mid century and traditional fireplace is identical with large size and endurable heavy material. Traditional fireplace is usually made of stone and brick overlooking with large heading and huge mantel. Ultra modern fireplace is usually made with glass screen and extraordinary design such like hanging and three sided fireplace.

Here in this article, I would like to share information about contemporary hanging fireplace ideas with minimalist chimney. Below, there are many pictures expose inspirational living room interior ideas with stunning hanging fireplace that you can observe in detail way. Absolutely, you should choose which one that suitable with your taste and desire. I will discuss some pictures below.

There is a picture that grabs my attention. The picture is showing contemporary bright living room design on concrete block tiles flooring plan. This living room beautified with natural bright lighting concept by floor to ceiling bay windows overlooking with plain white drapery vertical curtain. There is an upholstered ivory sofa features black cushions. Modern flat television placed over glass top credenza and glass shelves below. At the corner of this living room, there is a compact black hanging fireplace in small size. A bucket of logs put beside the fireplace in order to be the fuel of fireplace.