Classic Blue Kitchen

Something classic always be favorite for some people. As one of the most important room in a house, kitchen is usually designed for a classic impression. Classic kitchen is mostly designed by wooden basic foundation with natural color of wood. This blue color design may help you to have a classic kitchen with wonderful color of it. Combination of blue wall paint with white wooden stuff will get you some delightful bright and fresh feeling for your kitchen.

White wooden kitchen cabinet and Kitchen Island make a contrast to the blue wall. You can put a mantelshelf over the kitchen island to put some little porcelain as decoration or your favorite recipe book. Set some pictures in frames to fulfill the empty space over your walls. A washbasin with white drawers under it is close to the windows which give the light of sun to the kitchen. An old design table can improve the classic sensation of the kitchen.

Ceramic countertop with white wooden stand in the middle of your kitchen is completed by a sink to wash your fresh fruits and vegetables. The shelf and drawers under the table for your kitchen stuff and space for some baskets can save the space in your kitchen and does it look neat.

Glossy dark mahogany wood can be the choice for the kitchen floor, and makes contrast to your white wooden furniture. Beautify the floor with a carpet with rhyme color tune to it. For the last touch, you can use two charming classic chandeliers for having a lovely classic kitchen in your house.