Choosing the Best Vanity Designs for Your Bathrooms

Vanity is widely used in common bathroom decoration. Vanity is the only storage we can find in the bathroom; it deserves to have to be special. However a well-designed vanity can complement the style of any bathroom design. Bathroom vanity offers various style, from small to big, classic to modern, and so on. Choosing the right bathroom vanity will liven up your bathroom looks and styles. To give deeper understandings about bathroom vanity models, we compile some pictures in this article. These pictures will give you inspiration to choose the bathroom vanity that suits your style.

Bathroom vanity in this visualization looks so elegant, isn’t it? The vanity gains it elegance from the flat black finishing. This small wooden vanity contains some medium size drawers which are very functional to store bathing stuff. The large shelf with glass door is also featured in this alluring bathroom vanity. The shelf in the picture is functioned to contain towels. On its top, this vanity holds a fascinating modern ceramic sink.

The white tone of this sink is contrasted with the vanity. The vanity seems to perfectly blend with a large rectangular mirror decorated with black steel frame. Let’s move on to another bathroom which has great vanity design. Look at this luxurious bathroom. The bathroom vanity decoration is so awesome. The material used to make this cool vanity is wood. The wood laminated to make glossy surface to this bathroom vanity.

In the front, this vanity is prettified with floral carvings decoration. The countertop is also adorable. It uses granite material to make such beautiful countertop. A vase decoration on the countertop makes this vanity worth having. In the last image, the bathroom vanity is quite simple yet effective. It is a floating vanity with full dark blue tone. The white countertop completes the awesomeness of this bathroom vanity.