Bright White Bar Kitchen Style

If you have a small area for your kitchen, do some magic tricks to it to make such a wonderful look for the kitchen. If it impossible to put a dining table, the thing you can do is give a bar style touch to your kitchen. And use some bright colors to give a positive spirit to your kitchen.

Then, you will get a beautiful small kitchen in your house. You can pick some logs of maples, mahogany, oak, or teak woods for the basic material of the bar table in your kitchen. But, it is recommended to choose some woods with the bright color like bright brown color, so you do not need to paint it. Use the same woods for the barstools, you can put some barstools next to the bar table. For the floor, use the same woods with the same color. Cream color for the walls will give a bright sensation to your kitchen.

Use the white bright color for kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, and chest of drawers to complete the fresh look for the kitchen. Golden brown cook hood for the ventilation with give an elegant look to the kitchen. You can design a large glass window with white wooden frame to let the sun shines your kitchen. Set a backsplash at the back of the stove to cover your wall from the splash of the cooking process, so you can easily clean it up. Then you have a small kitchen with bar style and fresh look by bright colors.