Beautiful Hallway Ideas for Narrow Hallway

Hallway is a narrow space in the house as the pathway people enter to or pass through the house. People often think that it seems difficult and impossible for them to decorate their narrow hallway. Sometimes, some people leave it undecorated as they don’t have any ideas to decorate it. However, it is very possible to decorate it and beautify the hallway with some interesting decoration. You can decorate with excellent painting, artwork, and stylish furniture like table and mirror. If you are interested to convert your hallway to be welcoming and interesting hallway, this article will help you with some hallways idea pictures. Let’s make your own decoration and you will amaze your guest with your beautiful hallway.

The visualization of this hallway design is simply fascinating with simple decoration. The white paint scheme wall is chosen to gives spacious appearance to the narrow hallway. A dark brown wooden console table with storage underneath is placed nearby the wall together with a sophisticated vase and unique table lamps on it. On the wall, you can see a square mirror with wooden frame in the same tone with the table to provide spacious reflection to the room. Besides the table, the presence of a single panel floral curtain looks so cute and gives lively mood to the hallway. For the stairs, you can see a beautiful carpet for avoid slippery stairs and gives additional visual interest.

Let’s see the other concept of hallways ideas. In this picture, the hallway looks impressive with some artworks hanging on the wall. The white painting wall is chosen to provide spacious effect to the narrow hallway. The cool artwork pictures and some decorative plates hanged on the wall are creative ideas to add visual interest to the hallway wall. The wooden wall counters is decorated above the artworks to minimize the use of floor space. To beautify the hallway, some decorative watering cans are decorated on the top of counter. For the stairs, the colorful carpet gives additional color accent to the hallway.