Awesome and Enjoyable Boy and Girl Shared Room Ideas

Decorating a room for two kids is a way to minimize the budged in limited space of a room. Besides, they can be a good friend if they are in the same room. However, decorating a room for a boy and a girl should consider some important consideration. It requires high consideration on a space and some details that will make them enjoy the room without disturbing the other kid. For the color choice, the color should be designed in different scheme between the boy and girl.
However, if you want to design a shared room for boy and girl, this article will help you to get it with some cool ideas.

The visualization of the design looks so fun and interesting. The room uses two wooden single beds that look comfortable for them. To make them different, the bed sheets are chosen in different color between the boy and girl. For the layout, the wall is painted in neutral color scheme to comfort both of them.
Then, the wall is decorated by some ornaments for boy and girl with their initial alphabet on their name. Besides, the nightstand is decorated between the beds which are made by wooden together with a small chair. For flooring, the carpet is decorated in strip line motif.

The design is also simple with amazing color choice. The singe wooden bed with comfortable sheet and bed cover in different and interesting color choices. Between the beds, a white wooden side table is placed decorated with stylish table lamps. For the layout, the wall is painted in natural color with wall shelves and different wall ornaments between the boy and girl. For flooring, a carpet is used to make the room feels comfortable.