Awesome Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas Pictures

Decorating boy room themes may require so much time if you don’t have an exact concept which can be applied to your boy room. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a theme for your boy. You can think about their interests and hobbies to get certain theme. However, you should be careful in choosing a theme. Make sure to pick a theme that can grow with him so that you can save time and money since you don’t need to redecorate the room in the future.

Don’t choose a theme like cartoon figures because your boy may lose interest in a short time. You can choose sports as the main background for your boy room theme. Sports theme can cover a variety of sports like soccer, baseball, or basketball. You can paint sport field behind your boy bed to give wonderful look for the whole room. Since boy can make the room look messy and dirty, make sure to choose wall color that can hide the imperfection. You can choose dark blue for the wall color decoration.

To make a great combination, you can also match the bed linens with soft blue color. If you plan to provide modern look, you can use LED lamp below the spring bed. To make the sport theme even more captivating, you can use a fur rug which look like grass field. Moreover, you can paint the ceiling with beautiful sky scene. For the flooring, glossy laminate flooring will be the best choice since it can portray traditional look.

You can also set a wall mount cabinet to save the place. To make sure that sunlight can reach your boy’s room, you can install large window glass with sliding curtain. Those are several tips on how to decorate your boy’s room. Hopefully, by choosing boy room theme, your boy will have a great time in their room.