Apartment Kitchen Design

“Brick”. What is on your mind when you hear this word? You might think brick is one of the components or materials to build a building right? You are not wrong. But have you ever think that brick can be used to make your interior design looks more unique? If you have never thought about it and you have a kitchen in your apartment but do not know how to make it more interesting, then it is better for you to see this kitchen design. Let us look to the above picture.

Do you know what is that? It is an apartment kitchen design. And can you see the using of brick there? Yes, brick is used to make the kitchen island, while the island kitchen countertop is made from white marble. The using of the brick in this apartment kitchen design make the kitchen room looks more exotic.

This apartment kitchen design only has small spaces so there is no stove on the kitchen cabinet but there is an electric stove on the kitchen island. In front of the kitchen island, there are three bar stools which are made from see-through plastic and stainless steel. Another interesting part of this design is the wallpaper. This kitchen has black wonderful wallpaper with leaf pattern.

There are not many color combination in this design. there are only white from the kitchen cabinet, black from the wallpaper, silver from the microwaves, and orange color from the brick. After you see and review this apartment kitchen design,are you interested to use brick to adorn your apartment kitchen?