Amazing Kitchen Color Ideas for Great Cooking Experience

Kitchen is a room in your house which functions as a place where you can find the great experience of cooking and doing some kitchen tasks. Besides, it can function as a place where you can socialize with your family and friends while enjoying the food. Nowadays, kitchen is not only about its function, but also about the style in its design. However, you can have an impressive kitchen design with the selection of the color scheme applied in your kitchen. The proper color schemes will create interesting mood in your kitchen. If you have a plan to your kitchen in beautiful color schemes, this article will certainly help you with some ideas of kitchen colors.

The visualization of this kitchen design is minimalist yet stunning with impressive blue and white color schemes. The furniture is designed in simple way to avoid the room from crowded appearance. The small cabinets from wooden material are chosen to save up the space. The wooden countertops with dark brown finishing give additional color accent to the room. For the appliances, an oven is picked in the same tone with the cabinets as well as the kitchen island. Beside the island, the dining seating is decorated with the same color with the countertops and the chairs are in lighter tones which offer stylish appearance of the room. For impressive visual interest, a lantern ceiling lamp is suspended in the ceiling above the dining table.

Let’s see the other kitchen color ideas. This white and orange kitchen color ideas look so impressive and sophisticated. In this design, the kitchen, dining room and sitting room are left un-separated. The white painting wall is selected to give spacious effect to the room. The orange wooden cabinets with glossy finishing show up cheerful mood of kitchen. Besides, the solid white countertops are chosen in the same tone with the wall painting. For the backsplashes, they are decorated with black ornamental tiles which add additional color schemes in the kitchen. The last, white dinner seating is set in the next to the kitchen together with orange kitchen chairs and a white pendant lamp on the ceiling.