Amazing European Kitchen With Wood Cabinet Design

There are so many cultures in this world. Different place, different society, and different continent have their own culture. This culture has influenced them in every aspect in their life including in how the way they design their home. Now let us take a moment and look at the picture. What do you feel when you see the picture? Honestly, I am so amazed by the kitchen design.

It does not a common and simple kitchen design, but it is european kitchen design. There is a huge window on the left side. The old-fashioned curtain adorn the huge window and gives a retro feeling to the kitchen. The view of the window is very beautiful with orange color from the flowers, green from the leaves, and a small path to the hut. The beautiful view reminds us to the village atmoshphere.

The kitchen island counertops is made from grey marble. The creamy color which come from the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen island give a classical feeling. On the corner of the kitchen island there is a big aluminium flower vase. There is no pendant lamps or chandelier in this kitchen design, there is just a common lamps.

There is also no washbowl on the kitchen cabinet but there is a washbowl on the kitchen island. Each corner of the kitchen island has one leather chair. The color of the leather is peach, in other words peach color is connecting between the creamy and brown color in the design. You could apply this kitchen design to your house if you want to experience European style.