Amazing Decoration with Brick Walls

Having a beautiful house is everyone’s dream. However, we can have an amazing and artistic house decoration with brick walls applied for the interior or exterior of your house. However, brick walls are the popular material to be used in many house decorations. The use of brick walls in the decoration gives artistically pleasure to the design. Besides, they are chosen because they are made by solid great material that will build sturdy house. However, if you decide to use the brick walls in your house design, this article certainly will help you to decorate it by some picture of wall brick

In this design, the brick walls are combined with white painting wall. It is decorated in home office room which bring artistic mood to the room. The brick wall is decorated in next to the office desk and behind the office. The brick walls are in orange color scheme which is decorated by some cool art works. For flooring, the floor is displayed in brown color tone that suitable with the room scheme. To complete the room, some furniture like wall book shelves and stylish long desk are presented.

Let’s move to the other concept of brick walls. The brick wall concept is presented in the sitting room which brings rustic atmosphere of the room. The entire wall in the room displays the brick walls for the artistic pleasure. For the furniture, brown leather sofa is chosen to give a comfortable seating place in the room together with the square wooden coffee table with wheel. For flooring, the hardwood material is matching with this theme. The floor lamp and wall lamps are also presented for the beautiful lighting in the room.