Amazing Bedroom in Dark Red scheme for Exotic Decoration

The choice of color scheme in a room plays an important role in creating the mood or feeling in the room. Dark red is a suitable color scheme that create exotic and romantic mood in your room. If you plan to display dark red scheme in your room, you need to decide what other the color combination and decoration since the dark red scheme will create the small room look even smaller. If you have a small room, try to use dark red for an accent color rather than the dominant color. Here are some designs of dark red room that make you adore with the decoration.

Let take a look to the first design.
The first design looks amazing and exotic with dark red wall of bedroom. For the bedding, the grey divan bed gives comfortable place for lying with the combination of red bedding set and headboard. Besides the bed, you can see the presences of unique nightstand that make the room have stylish appearance. For artistic touch, the decoration displays the additional ornament of ceramic pot.

The lighting of this bedroom uses two white shade pendant lamps on the both side of the bed. For flooring, the room looks clean and spacious with white flooring.
Let’s take a look to the other dark red room concept. This room display elegant look with the dark red scheme on the wall with pictures hanged on it to create the artistic detail. For bedding, the bed looks elegant and comfortable with the presence of white canopy bed together with black wooden footstool.

Besides the bed, a wooden nightstand is decorated with romantic lighting of table lamp and a wooden sideboard in the other bed side. In addition, you can see the presence of an armchair on the corner of the room for the seating place. For additional accessories, a makeup table is also displayed together with a red rug on the floor.