11 Traditional Kitchen Design

It is definitely true that traditional kitchen design still become one of the most favorite kitchen design nowadays. ‘Traditional’ here refers to the design which is liked by people in the previous era. It could be from Victorian or Elizabethan era.

Now, let us see at the picture. The first thing we could notice from the picture above is the window. The window has a big size. It is the characteristic from traditional building. A long time ago, people in Europe like to have big window in every building. The second unique thing in the above kitchen design is the lamp. The kitchen has a chandelier as its light. The chandelier itself has a conventional shape. It has a simple candle shape on its lamp and does not have crystal ornament, it give a simple look to the kitchen.

The most dominant color in the kitchen are dark brown and creamy. The dark brown color comes from the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. Meanwhile the creamy color comes from the marble flooring and the marble kitchen countertop. Then there is one more unique thing from this design. We could see there is a big painting behind the stove right? It could gives a fun feeling when you are frying, boiling, or steaming your meals indirectly it gives you a sightseeing when you are cooking. The painting is showing view of a village which has pine trees, lake, plantation and the citizens’ houses.

Are you interested to apply this kind of design to your room?