10 Home Decoration Pictures for You and Family

Home is believed to be a place where family gathered. You should make that room as relieve and cozy as possible. You need to make sure that your home is a favorite place for all family members. You need to consider the design and functional aspect. You may decorate it with your favorite things but you cannot decorate your room with fragile things if you have an active family. It has a big risk to apply this kind of design. You should decorate it with thing that is steady and safe for your children. It will be win and win situation for your family and your home. The solution of your family decoration is a middle ground: a comfortable, gorgeous and even sophisticated abode that can withstand just about everything kids dish out.

The first thing that you should is considering how you really live. A room that looks beautiful but doesn’t take into account the demands of everyday family life will quickly be destroyed or end up gone one by one. . Instead, incorporate a decorating style that will stand up to sibling food fights, vomiting babies, indoor hockey matches, incontinent pets. Consider who you live with and decorate accordingly. You should check the color of the stains on your sofa before choosing a hue for the new one. Don’t wait to decorate. Sometimes many people postpone their plan to decorate their house until their children are older. But even the youngest children benefit from living amid beautiful objects.

They grow to appreciate and respect them. So go ahead and create a home the whole family can enjoy. You can even get kids involved in the process, asking what they’d like to see in a room you’re redecorating or letting them weigh in on a few pre-screened paint colors or fabric samples. Say no to commotion look. A clean-lined but casual and comfortable look is the best idea. You should avoid couches and chairs with skirts which attract pet hair, dust bunnies and dirty shoe prints in favor of exposed legs. Same goes for fabric-covered tables. Well-loved vintage items and contemporary pieces with a slightly weathered look survive kids more readily than precious antiques or pristine new items, and a softly layered, melds well with the happy chaos of family life.

Whatever decorating style you choose, though, low-maintenance is a must. Playing with color, pattern, or texture is better than putting accessories and much furniture. Remember to stay away from plain white color. It will not long lasting. It is a good choice if you chose a rug with a dark color and a rich pattern. If bold patterns aren’t your thing, though, try a softly feathered finish on a couch or a rug or a subtle color wash on the walls. When it comes to paint choices, keep in mind that color appears lighter on larger surfaces, so go a shade deeper on walls than the color chip you like. You can also match paint and wood stains to permanent marker and crayon colors for quick touchups.

Do select durable materials and finishes. Walls take a beating with young ones around. Cleats are casually tossed against white baseboards. Bedroom doors become backboards for basketball practice. A fresh expanse of drywall morphs into a blank canvas for that new set of crayons. Sticky fingers trail along hallway walls. That’s why wipe able paint is a must. Don’t scrimp on furniture. Your cozy sofa of lazy chair will be a play ground to your children. When you have children, it makes sense to buy the best-made furniture you can pay for. Look for heavy, solid furnishings constructed with kiln-dried hardwood that’s been screwed, glued and corner-blocked.

You should also carve out areas in common rooms for children to do the things they enjoy. After all, part of making your home family-friendly is welcoming kids and their stuff into shared spaces instead of relegating them to bedrooms and basements. Keep furnishings on the spare side while your brood is young to preserve space for play. If your family likes games, you may set up a game table and chairs in a corner of the family room. Do not put a fragile thing in a reachable place of your children. The danger zone for young children is anything within about 45 inches of the floor. A piece of driftwood, a grouping of seashells collected at the beach, moss-covered balls in a pewter bowl, chunky wooden candlesticks, iron picture frames with the glass removed, metal vases. Safeguard that heirloom vase, on the other hand, by placing it on a floating display ledge mounted high on the wall.