10 Dining Rooms Designs Photos

The dining room is one of areas in a house. The existence of this room is not really essential rather than bedroom or bath room. Even though it is not really urgent, an ideal house needs a dining room in their home. It is the most public areas of a house. It is not just where you may eat dinner with your immediate family, but also where you bring friends, loved ones, and long lost relatives to reconnect over food. With the dining room holding such importance, it is no surprise that many people put a great deal of time into designing and styling the space.

The 10 dining rooms included in this post are unique, but each creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere where any family would be happy to convene after hours. The first one is simple dining room. This kind of dining room has a special area in the home. It can be placed near the kitchen but in different room. This room is consisting of simple medium dining table, and some chair. This kind of room is decorated with safe and plain color. There are not many detail decoration in this room. It can be find in medium residential. The second one is dining room which is placed in open area. This kind of room is placed in one area with kitchen or family room.

There is no partition among each room. This room is flexible, the home owner can interact with each other when cooking, dine preparation and soon. This room is compatible with family who has a great member. The third is pop up dining room. Your appetite will be increased when eating in this room. This room is full color. This kind of dining room is decorated with bright paint color. The home owner can put a simple medium dining table with plain color and complete it with bright chairs. You may put different kind of chair and play it with colors. You also can paint a certain spot of the wall with different bright color to give it a different feeling. The fourth one is minimalist dining room. You do not need to put too much decoration in it.

You may to use stainless chair and dining table. Choose the small or medium one. Do not choose a big table. It has function to make your room have more spaces to breath. You may use gray or white as your wall paint color. The fifth is family dining room. This room is created in a large size. It is good to put a wooden dining table and chair. Don’t forget to put flower or candle as the center of your table. You need to use a warm color in the room to make this room more intimate. The next one is luxury dining room. It is almost similar with family dining room. This room is big and uses a big dining table and many chairs. It is usually use wooden table. You also can put brave wallpaper in this room. You may use red paint color or wallpaper with a flower pattern. You can add a hanging lamp with crystal material to make it more fabulous. The seventh is porcelain room. You may decorate your dining room with many kind of china porcelain. You may hang on your wall as decoration.

The next is white dining room. Similar with the name, this room is all white. You may put a big transparent window glass to make your room more spaces and have a fresh air. The ninth is natural dining room. You may place a window that has a green garden as the view. You also can put some green plant in a pot as the decoration. You can choose green and brown as the paint color. The last is traditional dining room. You may put an antique furniture in that room. Now, it is your chance to choose the best one.