10 Dining Room Ideas Pictures for Your Family

When you have a family it is a smart choice to have a family dining room. Family dining room is a place that contain big or medium dining table and some chairs. It is not only place for eating your food but it is a place to et, share and assemble with your family. In order to create a good dining room, you need to build a proportional, great and cozy dining room. Here, I will provide you with some dining room that suitable with family concept. Check this out. You may start by using sophisticated with touches of whimsy.

This light-filled dining room is packed with bright color, classic-style furnishings and kid-friendly fabrics. Its main color, a carefully chosen spring green, is gender-neutral and perfect for the entire family. The next is color repetition. For a well-layered look, try introducing several shades of the same dominant color to your dining room with paint, draperies, upholstery and artwork. A slight variation in tone will keep the space from feeling matchy or flat. Unexpected art is also good. In the dining room, art is used to create a focal point and provoke conversation from guests. Consider an unexpected approach to custom artwork by having children’s drawings professionally mounted and framed.

Instead of museum glass, opt for non-glare acrylic which is kid-safe and easy to clean. Mirror Tricks idea is awesome to be put as a design. To make a spatially-challenged dining room feel larger and brighter, consider hanging an oversized mirror above the sideboard or directly across from any windows. This will help bounce light around the room, create the illusion of more space and help capitalize on any exterior views. Besides mirror tricks, sideboard is also compatible for your family dining room concept. Choosing the right sideboard for your dining room makes a big impact on its design both aesthetically and practically.

Stick with a sideboard that includes concealed and open storage; this will allow you to keep clutter tucked away, while also providing easy access to everyday items, like placemats and napkins. Practical fabrics will bring a warmness feeling for your family. Put a practical spin on the window treatments by choosing carefree fabrics. Here, cotton duck fabric in spring green was chosen for its casual look and its ability to be dry-cleaned in the event of any mishaps. Other kid-friendly options include acrylic, polyester, linen and burlap. Play with rug in your dining room. Rugs offer a chance to play with color, texture and pattern while also defining the dining space from other areas. For a classic touch, consider low-maintenance, flat-weave rugs.

Thin and lightweight, these rugs can simply be hung outside and beaten for a quick dusting. Metallics is great as a theme. Most designers prefer to stay consistent with metal finishes in dining rooms, from the hardware and lighting down to the flatware on the table. While stainless steel and pewter have remained the most popular choice across the country, antique brass is a more unique yet timeless option. In this dining room, brass was used on the chandelier, the mirror and on the artwork frames.